The World's next 1 billion middle class consumers are coming online

Mobile Money is enabling transformation to a digital economy through the delivery of affordable financial services


What does the emerging markets fintech opportunity look like?

African, Latin American, and Asian markets are ripe with opportunity: the world’s 2.5 billion unbanked consumers are coming online

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We'll Cover:

  • Emerging markets fintech landscape
  • Vertical - Innovations
  • Tools for Financial Institutions
  • Lending
  • Insurance, Supply Chain, Pay As You Go
  • Merchant Services
  • Personal Finance/Savings
  • Money Transfers

Author Bio

Kaivan is the CEO & co-founder of Asaak, a mobile microfinance company. Asaak is solving a major inefficiency in global credit markets: U.S. investors have few options for high yield fixed income products, and emerging markets consumers pay exorbitant rates on microloans from traditional lenders, if they can access loans at all. Asaak bridges the gap using technology to provide African entrepreneurs and consumers with affordable loans through a smartphone interface using a steady flow of debt capital from the U.S


What's Included In The Course...

Module 1

Alternative Lending Emerging Markets

  • Emerging Markets
  • How do Financial Services Differ in Developed and Emerging Markets?
  • Emerging Markets Fintech Landscape
Module 2

Case Studies and Mobile Money

  • Case Study: WorldCover
  • Case Study: Lenddo
  • Case Study: BitPesa
  • History  and Impact of Mobile Money
Module 2

Regulations & Potential

  • Regulatory Issues
  • Blockchain and Emerging Markets
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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