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We'll Cover:

  • Understanding Blockchain Technology
  • Smart Contracts, Tokenomics, Currencies and Exchanges.  Analysis and applications.
  • ICOs, IEOs and SAFT, what it means for startups and entrepreneurs.
  • Governance, Consortia, DAOs and Market Regulations. Key Legal Landmines to look out for.
  • Emerging Technologies: NFTs, DEFI, Gaming, Utility Tokens, Metaverse, VR and AR
  • Implementations and Industry Deep Dives - Case Studies with expert guest speakers.
  • Expert panel discussion on selected best business ideas from students. Validations and next steps to start your business model.

Amilcar Chavarria

FinTech entrepreneur with over a decade of investment experience gained at top banks and asset managers like Goldman Sachs and BlackRock. In the last eight years he has led the creation of FinTech businesses in Digital Wealth Management, Crowdfunding and Education Technology. He is part time professor for both Columbia Business School and MIT.

Gregory LaBlanc

has been teaching at the Haas School of Business and Berkeley Law since 2005. He teaches primarily in the areas of finance and strategy in the MBA and MFE programs and in Executive Education. He has also worked in competitive intelligence and litigation consulting and has advised consulting teams in finance, marketing, and strategy. His research interests lie at the intersection of law, finance, and psychology, in the area of business strategy and risk management.

What's Included In The Course...


History, Blockchain Definition, and Visualization

In this first module, the idea is to take a journey through the history of blockchain, how and why it was created with its growth and adoption. Furthermore, Blockchain will be defined as a technology, using an interactive visual approach to explain its properties and functionalities.

  • Introductory webinar reviewing all course content and opening a Q/A space for interaction and networking.
  • Overview of the technological evolution that led to the creation of blockchain technology. How and why blockchain was created.
  • Formal definition of blockchain and explanation of main properties (Hash codes, nonce, Immutable records, distributed records, block, cryptography, and asymmetric cryptography), with visualization example: 
  • Early history and uses of the technology.
  • Evaluation of consensus mechanism: Proof of Work and Proof of Stake.
  • Ethereum overview and upcoming changes.

Applications: Smart Contracts, Tokenization, Currencies, and Exchanges

In this module, the objective is to define what can be the most important blockchain application, Smart contracts. With this, the concept of tokenization and its various potential uses in the business will be explored, with case studies and examples.

  • Smart contracts, definition, and discussion on their importance given real-life scenarios and business application use cases. Definition of tokens and tokenization, potential uses, and applications.
  • ICO, IEO, and SAFT: Definition, analysis of advantages and disadvantages and what it means for startups and entrepreneurs. Using real use cases and applications
  • Exchanges: Early history, centralized vs decentralized, and use cases with the most popular exchanges
  • Cryptocurrencies, Stable Coins, and CBDC: Definition, importance, potential use in business with real-life examples and use cases.



Governance, Consortia, DAOs, and Regulations

In this module, we will explore the requirements and conditions needed to create a solution with blockchain in a centralized and decentralized environment. All this with the most important regulations and legal landmines to avoid.

  • Definition, implications, and governance framework in developing a solution.
  • Definition of Consortia and DAOs, impact and potential benefits on private markets and businesses.
  • Key regulations, policies, and restraints. Why they are crucial to the success of every implementation.
  • Real-life examples and use cases of governance in the blockchain ecosystem. Applications of consortia and DAOs in blockchain solutions with an emphasis on main country regulations and use cases.

Emerging Technologies

In this module, we will introduce technologies that are emerging as game changers for the digital world in business and interaction.

  • NFTs, Defi Protocols, Gaming, Utility tokens, and more. What opportunities do these implementations bring to the business world, and how can we take advantage of them?
  • Metaverse, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Definitions and potential use cases in business and human interaction.
  • Examples, discussions, and use cases of the use of these technologies.



Blockchain Implementations – Industry Deep Dives and Case Studies

In this module, we will explore the possible applications of blockchain and define when and how it can be used to solve a specific problem in business or create new opportunities.

  • Discussion of blockchain as a business opportunity and possible applications in financial services, healthcare, entertainment, real estate, biotech, logistics, consumer, and luxury goods.
  • Is blockchain right for your organization? Diagram and explanation of when blockchain is a viable solution to solve a problem.
  • Examples, discussions, and use cases of successful and unsuccessful blockchain implementations.



Business Model Validations and how to get Started

In this module, we will introduce technologies that are emerging as game changers for the digital world in business and interaction.

  • Open discussion with expert guest speakers about experiences and implementations using blockchain.
  • Discussion about the best 3 business ideas from students.



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